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Doing Business in Russia with Albion

We have received several emails, expressing concern regarding the current state of affairs in Russia and the Crimea. This notice represents Albion’s view of the situation. 3rd March 2014

Albion (Overseas) Ltd has been operating in Russia since 1996, and our personnel have operated for some years prior to that. During this period, we have witnessed changes in Government, attempted coups, the dissolution of the State, the emergence of a new regime, and many changes in legislation. Business continued throughout these events, and it is our hope, that the same will be true now, despite clear tensions. We have been communicating regularly with our colleagues in Russia, and are pleased to report that business continues as normal. We would therefore urge our partners to maintain a positive outlook, and hope that business will continue to provide a stable and unifying force, as it has done in the past. 


Russia is the biggest country in the world, and the UK's fastest growing export market.

Its economy is growing and there is money. In short, there has never been a better time to be export to Russia.

It may surprise people to know just how big the opportunities are in doing business with Russia.

Albion has for years advertised Russia as a business destination. But only recently has its potential truly been understood.

And the upsurge in Russia has been as sudden as it has been significant. We have a database of some 5,000 companies already doing business in Russia, and this suggests that there are many, many more companies already successfully exporting to Russia that we do not even know about.

We believe that on every industrial estate around the entire UK, there are many companies already doing successful business in Russia. They are not always visible, many preferring to keep their activities low key, and working with their Russian partners. It is not the British way to fly the Union flag and commission massive national stands at trade fairs. But these companies are there.

Indeed, with its proximity, its high margins, and ready access to money, Russia represents a market that most companies just wish they had become involved in earlier.

(Footage from our Annual Conference 2012 - 'Russia: Practical Solutions')


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